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Groovin' To The 70's

Groovy Tunes

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This community is dedicated to die-hard 70's music lovers! That's right, there's still some of us around. We're here and we're proud! We are a brand new community founded on May 20, 2004. Please pardon the dust as we get settled into our new musical town.

As we grow, we will have music trivia contests, live chats and much more. Kick back and enjoy!
70's music, abba, aerosmith, alice cooper, aliens, all in the family, animal house, archie bunker, barbie doll, barbra streisand, barry manilow, beatles, bee gees, bell-bottoms, bette midler, black light, blondie, bto, bubblegum, captain & tennille, car wash, carter, cat stevens, charles manson, charlie's angels, cher, chicago, classic rock, concerts, david bowie, david cassidy, diana ross, disco, disco ball, disposable razors, donna summer, donny and marie, donny osmond, doobie brothers, eagles, earth wind and fire, elton john, eric clapton, fantasy island, far out, farrah fawcett, ford, funk, garfield the cat, george harrison, gi joe, gloria gaynor, grand funk railroad, grease, groovy, happy days, harry chapin, have a nice day, hawaii five-o, heart, hoola hoop, iggy pop, incense, jaws, jesus christ superstar, jethro tull, john lennon, john travolta, joni mitchell, journey, laverne & shirley, led zepplin, linda ronstadt, lionel trains, liza minnelli, love, love beads, love boat, m*a*s*h, mahogony, mary tyler moore show, meathead, michael jackson, minnie riperton, mood ring, music, nike, nixon, nostalgia, olivia newton-john, pablo cruise, paul davis, paul mccartney, peace, peace sign, performers, pet rock, pink floyd, platforms, polyester, pooka shells, pop, pop rocks, psychadelic, psycho, queen, r&b, rainbow, retro, right on, ringo starr, rocky, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, rush, saturday night fever, seventies, sharon tate, shaun cassidy, simon & garfunkel, slinky, smileys, son of sam, songs, sonny & cher, soul, steely dan, stevie wonder, studio 54, styx, suzanne sommers, taxi, ted nugent, the babys, the commodores, the godfather, the jackson five, the rose, the sting, the waltons, three dog night, three's company, tiffany taylor, toe socks, tunes, vietnam war, village people, watergate, world trade center, ziggy stardust